Chinese Cupping

Chinese Cupping (Non-Invasive)

Cupping is a technique used in Chinese Medicine and with Acupuncture. Cupping has been performed for thousands of years in China and Middle East and it has been known as one of the most reliable treatment modalities due to its enormous healing capacity. Its immediate action promotes healing and cellular function and the patients often gets tremendous relief at the end of each session. Cupping helps greatly to Asthma and Allergy, and all respiratory problem patients, especially combined with Salt therapy.

Cupping Helps Pain, Asthma, Congestion, Bronchitis, Arthritis, Menstrual Pain and Gastrointestinal Disorders

Chinese Cupping (Non-Invasive) $95/session

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Chinese Blood Cupping:  Starting at $120/ session

resized_190x129_23d80b80b4d3297cCupping is a technique which is used in Chinese Medicine and with Acupuncture. When the cups are applied to the body a suction is created. This helps to break up blood stagnation in the muscles. Lactic acid, cellular debris and old cells can get jammed up and stuck in the myofascial tissue (muscle fibers). This is what creates knots, tightness and soreness in the muscles. The suction from the cups helps to break up what is in the muscles and also brings healthy blood and extra oxygen to the area and relieves pain. By opening up the affected areas, toxins are able to dissipate and healthy Qi is able to flow better. Cupping is also used for conditions of the lungs such as asthma, congestion, bronchitis and even smokers cough. It is also helpful with arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders and menstrual pain.